Away with the grime and greyness!

September 01, 2014

Smoky chimneys, grime and greyness... that's what a lot of people think about an industrial campus. The Chemelot Campus is working hard to change this image. In the years to come, the campus will be green. The central section of the campus will become a car-free zone by moving parking spaces to the edges. This will free up space for parks, squares and pathways where campus residents and their visitors will be able to meet up and walk together. 

There will finally be three parks on the campus. The first of these will be the northern park around the new DSM materials research building. The total investment for the three parks will come to 5.5 million euros, for which the Province of Limburg is granting a subsidy of 2.7 million. Alderman Twan Beurskens thinks it very important that the infrastructure should match the ambitions of the campus: "This project will make Chemelot an attractive working environment where knowledge workers, students and visitors can meet each other. This is a major precondition for achieving the aim of the campus: innovation through sharing knowledge."

The greenery project is called Green2Innovate and is part of a bigger project called Central Park. This project involves making the Chemelot Campus more accessible through parking facilities, landscaping and infrastructure. The objective is to create an accessible, liveable campus. At the moment, there are 1,350 knowledge workers and 280 students working on the campus. The ambition is for the campus to accommodate 2,900 knowledge workers and 1,000 students by 2023.